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       Hebi city walt general machinery co., LTD£¬Is the study of equipment design and manufacture of vibration screening equipment£¬Conveying equipment and environmental equipment company£¬Is located in the historic site assemble pleasant environment£¬Tourist city with convenient transportation---Hebi¡£

       Our company main products£ºVarious forms of vibrating feeder¡¢Belt conveyor£¬Screw conveyor¡¢Bucket elevator¡¢Special vibration motor¡¢Vibrating screen¡¢In addition to iron¡¢The warehouse wall vibrator, etc¡£Widely used in mines¡¢Metallurgy¡¢Coal¡¢Electric power¡¢Building materials¡¢Chemical industry¡¢Pharmaceutical and other industries¡£

       Pleasant cooperation is our sincere desire£¬And warmly welcome you to visit our company guidance£¬To join hands in creating a better future¡£

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Vibrating feeder equipment advantages

Vibrating feeder equipment advantages1¡¢Smooth vibration£¬Reliable operation¡£2¡¢The gap between bars can be adjusted¡£3¡¢Is more wear-resistant parts¡£4¡¢Special article gate design£¬Can prevent material jam¡£5¡¢Prevent it from abrasion wear parts are small£¬The little points out£¬Increase production¡£6¡¢Options variable frequency speed regulating motor£¬Adjust the frequency£¬Changing production£¬Easy control of quantificationally£¬Need not frequent start motor¡£7¡¢Start frequency is high£¨1£©Consider the whole production line£¬To ease the jaw broken¡¢Back pressure¡££¨2£©To avoid frequent start high power equipment¡£


Domestic general machinery industry to promote science and technology strength

In recent years£¬The rapid growth of economy in our country£¬Domestic competition among domestic general machinery industry is also increasingly fierce£¬Evolution¡¢The natural law of survival of the fittest in the field of general machinery is deductive incisively and vividly£¬A lot of old equipment¡¢Low content of science and technology of the enterprises in the wind and rain baptism of rounds of elimination£¬Our company has successfully seize opportunities£¬Through integration of restructuring¡¢Extend industrial chain¡¢Enhance the soft power of science and technology and so on£¬Make the enterprise successfully survived in the raging torrent£¬In the further growth and power¡£


Now the general machinery industry is good£¿Optional equipment to find any?

In recent years as the global economic integration accelerates£¬Machinery processing industry in China has gradually become the world's main force of machinery industry¡£No matter in the global equipment market£¬Or equipment market in our country£¬Machinery and equipment applications¡¢The demand of the great beyond imagination¡£Some developed countries the demand for equipment each year to increasing at the rate of teens¡£Might as well when customers choose equipment more considering the hebi walt understand product general machinery co., LTD¡£Products of good quality£¬Reputation widespread high praise£¬Welcome to consultation or visit¡£

Hebi city walt general machinery co., LTD
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